Carrot, Stick, Quality Culture? (Quality policy in Higher Education in Britain)

International Journal of Applied Management Education and Development (ISSN: 1742-2639) Volume 1 Issue 2

Eddie Blass
University of Derby


In examining the extent to which Higher Education (HE) can be regarded as a ‘quality' provision, this paper discusses whether policy governing quality of HE provisions in Britain is appropriate, and offers an alternative framework for quality measurement. Firstly, it establishes what is meant by ‘quality' and who are the ‘customers'. With reference to the work of seminal authors, as well as writers in the field of education, argument is made to establish what should be the aims of policy for quality. Two current British initiatives (the Quality Assurance Agency and the Institute of Learning and Teaching) are examined before conclusions are drawn as to a way forward which aligns more closely with the thoughts stemming from UNESCO (Delors, 1996) than from the current Governments policy initiatives.

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