International Journal of Applied Management Education and Development

The International Journal of Applied Management Education and Development affords refereed publication of articles considering theory and or empirical research in this highly significant field of contemporary consideration.

The rapidity of needs change in the world of business management provides the obvious push and pull for the continuous education and development of managers. However, given the plethora of education and development programmes in train does there exist a sufficiency of parity between educationalists and developers and the needs of business. The intention being to contribute to knowledge by way of presenting cutting edge appreciation and evaluation of the emerged phenomenon that managers constrained by the mechanics of organisational existence are very often left bereft of the very freedoms afforded by the education/developmental processes.

This journal seeks verifiable reasoning as to the why and how existing conventions might be both challenged and improved upon. Such consideration is of course apropos to the vista of managerial application affording contributors the latitude to present from a wide spectrum of consideration from the singular personal perspective to the wider corporate appreciation.

Feature Articles

Management Education and Development in the United Kingdom
Daniel O'Hare

Volume: 2

Issue: 1

Travelling The Path of Discovery: Metaphors of the Doctoral Process
Dr Sharon Kemp

Collateral Learning through Service-Learning: An Approach to Developing Competent Business Professionals
Janice Gygi and Susan R. Madsen

What Makes a World Class Manager?
Jamie Rundle

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

More than One Way to be Rational: An Alternative Reading of Academic Middle Management Practice
Sabine Hotho

Factors that Influence Students’ Learning Attitudes toward Computer Courses for Technology and Vocational Institute Students in Taiwan
Chun-Chu Liu

Change Management In Higher Education: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?
Rosemary Thomas Skordoulis

Issue: 2

Leadership in Further Education for the New Millenium
Dr Michael Stokes

Carrot, Stick, Quality Culture? (Quality policy in Higher Education in Britain)
Eddie Blass

The Impact of the Modernisation Agenda in Education: Performance Management in Sixth Form Colleges
Martyn Lowe

Issue: 1

Daniel O'Hare

Can Managers be Taught to Manage?
Daniel O'Hare

Management Education and Development in the United Kingdom
Daniel O'Hare