Corporate Social Responsibility and SMEs

International Journal of Applied Entrepreneurship (ISSN: 1742-5824) Volume 1 Issue 3

Herbert Cohen, Simon Brooks, Christopher Miller and Brychan Thomas
University of Glamorgan Business School


Out of the many new concepts and ideas prevalent in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) perhaps one of the most exciting to take the "stage" is that of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Although it is accepted that CSR is appropriate to the larger firm it is becoming clear that the concept is also of great importance to SMEs. This paper considers the engagement of SMEs in the CSR debate and makes comparisons between large and small firms to determine how successful SMEs are in engaging in environmental and social issues. In order to do this the research has considered the CSR reports of ten FTSE companies to determine a simple set of categories identified in the companies sampled. These are then compared with the categories identified from research into SMEs, which have emerged from analysis, rather than being a priori. The aim of the research is to assemble a CSR framework with regard to SMEs that can be applied at a generic level in the future.

Key words: small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate, social, responsibility, large companies

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