The Role of SMEs in Marketing the Libyan Heritage/Tourism Industry

International Journal of Applied Entrepreneurship (ISSN: 1742-5824) Volume 1 Issue 1

Mokhtar Jwaili and Dr. Said Al-Hasan
Welsh Enterprise Institute, University of Glamorgan Business School


This paper investigates the role of SMEs in marketing the Libyan heritage/tourism industry and how to develop strategic plans for the industry to increase its market share in terms of heritage/tourism attractions to enable it to compete in the international market place. The importance of government agencies in Libya in this process and their significance in developing the country’s heritage/tourism industry is examined. An assessment of the environment, which currently exists for SMEs, involved with marketing the Libyan heritage/tourism industry is reported, and this draws primarily on existing research, secondary data sources (including literature in the area) and a short questionnaire to key policy makers. The paper concludes by reporting on “best practice” regarding the development of the Libyan heritage/tourism industry, since this approach is important to Libyan SMEs, as emulation amongst these enterprises enables them to compete with leading firms and is a good way of spreading “good practice”.

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