Pedagogical and Social Factors involved in Enterprise e-moderation and e-learning: the case of E-College Wales

International Journal of Applied Entrepreneurship (ISSN: 1742-5824) Volume 1 Issue 2

Dr. Brychan Thomas, Paul Jones, Dr. Gary Packham and Dr. Christopher Miller
Welsh Enterprise Institute, University of Glamorgan Business School


The paper investigates pedagogical and social factors on the BA online Enterprise degree programme of the E-College Wales (ECW) initiative designed by the University of Glamorgan. The study administered a qualitative methodology through the utilisation of a series of in-depth semi-structured interviews with e-moderators and students. The research instrument was designed to elicit responses from both these groups to determine pedagogical and social factors constituting effective and ineffective e-moderation and e-learning techniques. A conceptual framework has been developed to illustrate the factors influencing the roles of the e-moderator and e-learner. The findings demonstrate the importance of pedagogical and social factors.

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