Business Process Re-Engineering: An Analysis of Credit Management Process Development, Automation and its Advantages for Telecom Industry

International Journal of Applied Finance For Non-Financial Managers (ISSN: 1742-528X) Volume 1 Issue 3

Telecom Business Process Analyst, Tata Indicom Limited


  1. Introduction to credit management processes.
  2. Outline the advantages of credit management automation and integration with OSS/BSS.
  3. Development of algorithm for credit revision ans rating based on customer payment history.
  4. Discuss the implementation strategies for the process and algorithm


The objective of this paper is to understand the credit management process followed in the industry it further explores how a streamlined credit management process can help overcome the telecom frauds that has been causing great concern to the industry .The scope of the article spans the entire credit management process with suggested improvements, explaining the basis for the same and providing justification. The article is intended for an audience that consists of professional business/IT analysts from financial, telecom ,banking and other related industries. A knowledge and understanding of various business processes is expected. The article starts with a brief analysis of Telecom fraud. The article then analyses the sub processes within the credit management process and the management techniques to be employed to achieve the tasks. The procedure that may be followed for automating the credit management process and the integration that a credit management system requires with different OSS/BSS systems that it interacts with. Finally, the article discusses a unique credit revision algorithm, its implementation technique, advantages that it offers if employed. The paper also presents a method by which scenarios for collection can be varied in accordance with customer category and rating and introduces an entity called payment history and explains how it may be used in scenario allocation, what are the methods and strategies involved in allocating a payment history to an account etc.

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