Insurance Companies in the Present Global Scenario

International Journal of Applied Finance For Non-Financial Managers (ISSN: 1742-528X) Volume 2 Issue 1

Anurika Vaish & Pallavi Dixit
Indian Institute of Information Technology.


The most important aspect for any financial services institution dealing with today’s regulatory framework is the need to build an integration, risk, compliance and regulatory environment. The globalization of business, the proliferation of, and dependency on, technology, and the preservation of a trusted and secure environment to facilitate financial institutions, all require financial services organizations to have in place the mechanisms to ensure sound and reliable security and privacy. The industry's landscape is continuously changing and increasing in complexity across financial services, causing firms to face a diverse array of challenges and concerns. Role of Private sector has grown rapidly in the service industry, especially with reference to Insurance management.

The insurance industry, as an integral part of the financial services industry does not stand apart from the profound changes in the financial sector. Recently we are witnessing an enhanced competition in the insurance industry probably due to the opening up of this sector to private participants. There is a close inter-action between insurance and economic growth. As economy grows, the living standards of people increase. As a consequence, demand for insurance increases. As the assets of people and of business enterprises increase in the growth process, the demand for general insurance also increases. In fact, with the widening of the economy, the demand for new types of insurance products emerges. Insurance now extends not only to product market but also to service industries including finance. It is equally true that growth itself is facilitated by insurance. The global consolidation of the financial services sector is in large part driven by acquisition activity. Companies competing for a greater share of consumer funds are seeking quick access to new markets, new products and new channels of distribution, both domestically and economically.

Grounded in a deep understanding of the issue, we have tried to deal with today’s life insurance and financial services environment in a very lucid manner covering all the aspects such as productivity, management of processes, growth drivers, critical factors for success and policy implications.

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