Measuring Uncertainty in Human Resources of Professional Academic Institutions Using Balanced Scorecards and Artificial Intelligence.

International Journal of Applied Finance For Non-Financial Managers (ISSN: 1742-528X) Volume 1 Issue 2

Debapriyo Nag & Soumya Banerjee

School of Management & IT, Institute of Management Studies,
Dehradun- 248001


Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is being used as one of the sound measures of non-financial performance in an organizational set up where the human resource plays a significant role at the operational level. Balanced scorecard can be incorporated as a strategy planner, which would be bi-focal in nature i.e. from organizational as well as from employee point of view. Although substantial development has been envisaged in the area of balanced scorecard related tools, a proper interface & blending with information technology, cognitive science and reasoning is yet to be achieved. There are several possibilities of uncertainty in information in the scorecard. Processing those uncertainties in the subsequent stages of a scorecard addresses the behaviour related issues in an organization.

This paper attempts to answer this blending in information technology and human resources and tries to implement balanced scorecard as a generic information technology enabled tool for an organization that intends to develop its human resources. The model derived in this research also proposes to filter the uncertainties, in the subsequent stages of balanced scorecard.

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard, Learning and Growth, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Petri net, Professional Institutions, Decision Parameters.

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