The Effects of Changes to the NHS General Managers’ Information Needs (2)

International Journal of Applied Health Studies (ISSN: 1742-5263) Volume 1 Issue 2

Dr Michael J Stanley

This is the second of a series of three papers designed to determine the following objectives:

  1. define the NHS General Managers' concept of management information in the NHS;
  2. identify the General Managers' understanding of their own roles in the manager-patient relationship, their organisation and how that effects their information needs;
  3. explore the problem of identifying the information needs of the General Managers’ and their difficulties in defining their own information requirements and the nature of those needs;
  4. understand how General Managers' work with information within their environment;
  5. analyse their attitudes to information and their needs in a rapidly changing environment; and
  6. develop both a theory of, and recommend practice for change in the area of the General Managers' information needs.

This second paper examines the areas of managing information within the NHS, the General Managers’ concepts of management information in the NHS and their views of their own roles in these areas.

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