Evaluation of the Total Quality Healthcare Model

International Journal of Applied Health Studies (ISSN: 1742-5263) Volume 1 Issue 2

Dr Puay Cheng Lim and Dr Nelson K H Tang
Aston University

Keywords: Continuous Quality Improvement, Healthcare, Quality, Quality Function Deployment, Total Quality Management.


Part II developed a total quality model based on the core principles of TQM using the quality function deployment (QFD) tool and in Part III, a 5-phase implementation framework was provided to support and sustain the implementation process of the proposed model. In this paper, case studies were conducted to validate the effectiveness of the proposed model and the implementation framework against real-life practices. The aim of validation is to test the model through case studies to identify its benefits as a communication and planning tool for continuous quality improvement (CQI) and total quality management (TQM) in healthcare.

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