Changing the Leadership and Management Style: A Case Study of Change in One Police Force

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 1 Issue 1

Dr Martyn Lowe and G Leaver


Rising crime rates, reduced levels of detection and increasing fear of crime have raised questions as to whether Britain's Police Service is as efficient as it could be. One provincial police force has sought to improve its performance by devolving responsibility for operational policing, financial and human resource management to middle managers.

Combined with this devolution to middle managers greater attention was given to leadership as part of the management role as part of the implementation of H.R.M. Police managers were encouraged in the provincial force studied in this research to use their leadership skills to produce higher performance and change.

The police service is, however, notorious for its resistance to change. The cynicism of rank and file officers combined with the poor management and leadership skills of police managers has been found in the past to militate against change in any form.

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