Recruitment in a Volunteer-led Organisation: A Study Into Recruitment Practice at St John Ambulance

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 2 Issue 2

Kim Walker


The following research looks at just one area within St. John Ambulance in Shropshire and that is the commercial arm of the training department and the need and justification for employing the right kind of staff to provide the right level of training throughout Shropshire . It has been recognised that there is a need and this study justifies that need to enable the department to progress as desired.

The production of this study has highlighted quite a few issues that needed addressing and has enabled some of those issues to be resolved, with a view to resolving the majority by the time the research is complete. This research has used a review of recruitment best practice, consideration of current legislation and research using various sources such as books, the internet, magazines and internal policies and procedures.

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