Does Human Resource Management in Local Government Match the ‘Ideal Type’ as defined in classical HR literature? What lessons can Human Resource Professionals learn to help them get the best from the Local Government Model

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 3 Issue 1

Dr Martyn Lowe and Dr Griselda Leaver


Human Resource Management (H.R.M) in local government has been said to be a hybrid. The characteristics of local government H.R.M are different from those depicted in some models of the ‘ideal-type’ H.R.M due to the influence of particular cultural and management factors within local councils.

This study compares the characteristics of H.R.M in local government with a model of the ‘ideal-type’ characteristics of H.R.M. The views of heads of HR working in local councils were sought to identify how and why these characteristics differ.

The study found that there are significant differences between the ‘ideal type’ and the local government model. These differences which will need to be taken into consideration in the development of HR strategy if higher organisational performance is to be achieved.

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