Are there significant differences in approach between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management to be found in the literature on this subject?: A review of key literature from a new starter in the HR profession

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 3 Issue 1

Miss Rachelle Haston


A review of classic literature used in the development of new human resource professionals creates a pre-conception that Human Resource Management (HRM) and Personnel are not the same thing. However, a review of the literature reveals a failure to explain what these differences are in terms of the day-to-day approach to people management in modern organizations.

Reference to the views of 35 fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development students confirms that for the HR professionals undertaking everyday people management tasks the title is interchangeable and relatively unimportant to them and line managers. The research showed that these HR professionals have found that managers rarely believe that there is any difference between HR and personnel.

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