A Virtuous Circle? An Applied HR Consideration of Learning, Development, Quality and Flexibility

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 1 Issue 1

Michael G Dilcock


Human resource managers need to understand learning and development, but in order to do so they have to recognise the importance of quality and flexibility. As such, it is proposed that there exists a ‘virtuous circle’ (see Fig 1) whereby each component part is interdependent upon and complimentary to the other. The purpose here is to examine these assertions and present some conclusions and reflections upon that process. This examination is conducted by way of an overall assessment of the ‘circle’ leading towards individual consideration of each of its component parts. Furthermore, the issue of interdependency and the extent to which the component parts might effect the whole is considered, by way of identifying why organisations need to fully grasp learning and development and in so doing consider the nature of the learner coupled with barriers to learning processes. The ‘virtue’ of the circle effectively turns upon the flexibility component, to what extent that might be true is dependent upon the validity (or not) of the ‘circle’. In conclusion a model is presented underpinning the need for organisations to recognise the ‘virtuous circle’.

virtuous circle

Figure 1
Learning, Development, Quality, Flexibility: ‘A Virtuous Circle’

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