Now Is The Time To Challenge HRM Orthodoxy

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 1 Issue 1

Professor D S Morris
University of Nottingham in Malaysia (UNiM) Malaysia

The realms of Human Resource Management (HRM) are well documented in an ever-growing number of texts devoted to all aspects of the subject. Virtually, without exception, these tomes agree upon the central functions, characteristics or elements of HRM which, whilst they might be denoted by different terminology, in essence encompass activities associated with:

Again, it may be noted that what is to be included in each function differs little between the differing authors. There is a further consensus also to be found in that those functions are invariably portrayed as being interrelated and to contribute, both individually and collectively, to the HRM goals set for an organisation.

Such a scenario is depicted with considerable clarity of detail in the following diagram (De Cenzo et al 1994)

Figure 1: HRM Model
Environmental influences

Environmental Influences

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