HRM & Personnel Management: A Comparative Analysis

International Journal of Applied HRM (ISSN: 1742-2604) Volume 1 Issue 2

Michael G Dilcock


The emergence and consolidation of Human Resource Management within organisations has been significant. Certainly the last fifteen years has witnessed the rise and rise of the HRM practitioner whereupon most if not all ‘blue chip' companies recognise the importance of such individuals at the strategic apex of the organisation. That said, there still remains the HRM/Personnel dichotomy perhaps as strong today as it was in the last decade. This article considers the historical development of the employment relationship, and attempts to identify micro and macro-level factors acting to support the emergence of the HRM phenomenon. Presenting and duly analysing a contemporary ‘ideal model' provides an effective evaluation of HRM. Attempting an explanation of what HRM is, leads on to an assessment of its contradictions and encompasses those differences that exist between HRM and personnel management.

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