International Journal of Applied HRM

Editor: Michael G Dilcock (IMJ)

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr Yehuda Baruch, School of Management, University of East Anglia

Professor Robert Greenwood, Academic Programme Director NCC Education

Professor Gopal Kanji, Kanji Quality Culture, Ltd, Emeritus Professor Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Margaret Lineham, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Cork Institute of Technology

Dr Jane Morton, The Management Centre, University of Leicester

Dr Abubakra Suliman, College of Business Economics, United Arab Emirates University

Dr Sussanne Tietz, School of Management, Bradford University

Professor Mohamed Zairi, Director, European Centre for TQM, Bradford University



The International Journal of Applied HRM (IJAHRM) provides an effective forum for the substantive development and testing of theory and practice relating to the issues, problems, contexts, or processes of developing or managing human resources. This journal seeks to afford a suitable conduit of two-way delivery serving both academics and management practitioners alike. The journal’s editorial team is enthused to afford support to practitioners in pursuance of academic qualification the opportunity to present their empirical findings in articled format. The premise being to add value to both the individual learning process and the organisation supporting/sponsoring said process.

The emergent global economy and the speedy proliferation of modern information technology have diluted the power of both financial and physical capital to create sustainable competitive advantage. In light of this, organisations are and will increasingly seek and find advantage through advanced utilisation of their ‘human resources’. Human capital is a highly important component of national productivity growth, and of better-quality performance in the plethora of businesses organisations preferred by most strategic HRM management academics and practitioners. The oft proffered organisational cliché "people are our most important asset" is rapidly at last becoming a truism.

A brief listing of relevant topics might include:

The ethical dimensions; Applied HRM as a component of organisational strategy; Innovation in HRM practices and outcomes; Strategic choice versus emergence; Recruitment and staffing issues; Institutional interaction on HRM issues; Training practices; Retention methodologies; Applied HRM its effectiveness and organisational performance.

Feature Articles

Motivation and the Meaning of Work
Dr Susanne Tietze

Volume: 3

Issue: 1

Employee Loyalty at the Workplace: The Impact of Japanese Style of Human Resource Management
Hooi Lai Wan

Are there significant differences in approach between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management to be found in the literature on this subject?: A review of key literature from a new starter in the HR profession
Miss Rachelle Haston

Does Human Resource Management in Local Government Match the ‘Ideal Type’ as defined in classical HR literature? What lessons can Human Resource Professionals learn to help them get the best from the Local Government Model
Dr Martyn Lowe and Dr Griselda Leaver

Volume: 2

Issue: 3

Human Resources Management and the Teaching Profession in Further Education: The Reformation and Redefinition of a Profession
Miss. Helen Tranter

The Use of Career Anchors for Professional Staff During Change
Dawn Harrison

The Importance of Work and Job Autonomy and Independence to Professional Staff employed in Local Government at Different Career Stages
Mrs. Tina Eaton-Walley and Dr. Martyn Lowe

Issue: 2

Cosmopolitans and Locals: The Same Rules Still Apply to the Local Government Workforce
Mrs. Sharon Lech and Dr. Martyn Lowe

The Importance of Leadership in Making Clinical Governance Work
Mrs. Dawn Harrison

Management of Change in an Oral Health Unit in a Primary Care Trust
Jackie Rowell

Recruitment in a Volunteer-led Organisation: A Study Into Recruitment Practice at St John Ambulance
Kim Walker

Issue: 1

Skill Mix in Acute Care in the NHS: A Recipe for a Better Blend of Health Care or a Cost Cutting Exercise
Ms. Ann Pearson

How to Achieve Successful Downsizing: Human Resource Strategies to Prevent Organisational Disruption and Resistance to Change
Ms. Deborah Simpson and Dr. Martyn Lowe

Management Flexibility and Staff Flexibility: Two Sides of the Same Mirror?
Miss. Lauri Harwood

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

The Relationship Between Local Government Councilors and Senior Managers in a Period of Change
Miss. Deborah Simpson

Human Resource Policy and Practice in a Devolved Structure: A Failed Experiment or the Way of the Future
Dr. Griselda Leaver and Dr. Martyn Lowe

The 'Greening' of Personnel/Human Resource Management : An Assessment
Claire Revill

Issue: 2

HRM & Personnel Management: A Comparative Analysis
Michael G Dilcock

A Considered Approach to Performance Related Pay Within Yorkshire Water Services
Steven Marrison

Employee Representation - Participation and Employee Relations at the Crossroads?
Jereme Snook

The Effectiveness of Local Government Managers in People Management
Dr Martyn Lowe

Issue: 1

Now Is The Time To Challenge HRM Orthodoxy
Professor D S Morris

A Virtuous Circle? An Applied HR Consideration of Learning, Development, Quality and Flexibility
Michael G Dilcock

Professor Bob Haigh and Professor D. S. Morris

Motivation and the Meaning of Work
Dr Susanne Tietze

Changing the Leadership and Management Style: A Case Study of Change in One Police Force
Dr Martyn Lowe and G Leaver