Assessing Communication in a New Institution: Postmodernism and the Internet

International Journal of Applied Institutional Governance (ISSN: 1747-6259) Volume 1 Issue 1

Wilson Ozuem and Kerry E. Howell
International Research Unit for Institutional Governance (IRUIG)
Ashcroft International Business School
Anglia Polytechnic University


This paper aims to provide an overview of traditional marketing communication models and the interactive marketplace of computer-mediated marketing environments to study the nascent consumption processes. The ways of conceiving the process of marketing communication have changed along with the evolution of theoretical paradigms in marketing and communication studies. The overall approach of this paper is guided by a principle that the trajectory of consumption process as witnessed in the computer-mediated marketing environment lies less on the monolithic dissemination of information by the marketers as the primary maker of meaning-making in the consumption process. To encourage such studies, we draw upon the multiple theories employed in postmodernism as a guide to review studies that examined the ever-changing marketing communication tapestries. Based on this review, we highlight postmodernism have received little attention in the marketing communication literature and thus, represent opportunities for future research. We conclude by discussing computer-mediated marketing environment (CMME) involves user participation in both interactive frameworks of production and in interactive frameworks of reception.

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