A Systems Approach to Governance Programs

International Journal of Applied Institutional Governance (ISSN: 1747-6259) Volume 1 Issue 3

Dionne Kress, Laura Taylor and Richard Wolodkowicz


Effective corporate governance requires that all stakeholders be committed to its intent and purpose. Business governance plans are essential for achieving the corporate goals and objectives. Recent corporate scandals have indicated that governance has not been effectively managed. Governance plans are essential for ensuring business behaviors and practices are representative of ethical conduct. The model developed in this paper is a governance model that provides a practical, detailed, and innovative approach to corporate governance with a look to the standard Systems Design Life Cycle. The paper details how the need for a model was identified, then how a governance program would be designed, developed, tested, and finally implemented.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Governance Program, SDLC, and Systems Design Life Cycle

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