Structural and Cultural Dimensions of Organisation Management - A Small Firm’s Perspective

International Journal of Applied Institutional Governance (ISSN: 1747-6259) Volume 1 Issue 3

Dr Soloman Osagie


This paper is part of a wider study that examined the structural dimensions of small law firms in the UK in the face of changes in the legal services market. The introduction of competitive practices, market reforms and franchise issues has led to a scrutiny of the role and nature of the small law firm. Questions have arisen as to whether they (in comparison with the larger practices who cumulatively are in a minority) are able to contend with the pressures that drive modern day legal practice. With a glaring absence of a separate professional management component in these small firms and the attendant cultural dimensions of such a structure, are issues of structure, culture and management related and important? The intention is to examine these concepts separately and assess their impact on organisational effectiveness, competitiveness and growth.

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