Human Resources and Entrepreneurship Within the Economic Dynamism

International Journal of Applied Institutional Governance (ISSN: 1747-6259) Volume 1 Issue 3

Ana Martins
Management Division, Business Faculty, University of Glamorgan

Isabel Martins
Jean Piaget University of Cape Verde

Orlando Petiz
European Industrial and International Research Centre (NEEII), University of Minho

Javier Orosa Gonzalez
University of Corunã


During the last decade there has been a vocal discussion pertaining to economic growth. Nevertheless, a consensus has not been reached among the different studies and various authors. Moreover, while some focus upon the economic growth based on the traditional resources, others choose to highlight the technological changes, and others still pay special attention to the innovation phenomenon. The latter surpasses the technological change phenomenon to a large extent.

In light of the above, this paper endeavours to reflect, question and relate those factors on which hinge the importance of the human resources in the economic dynamism. Yet, in order for these HR, in effective terms, to become a strategic organizational asset, there is a need to verify whether the education that is supplied by the market does indeed perpetrate the entrepreneurial future capacity.

This analysis is related to the fact that we are experiencing the upsurge of a new economic reality, already labelled as an economy based on knowledge where learning takes on a fundamental role. Nevertheless, because the economic agents’ reactions towards this new reality appear to be conflicting we shall endeavour to analyse the extent to which the perceptions’ of the students are indeed influenced as a result of the responses of the Portuguese students taking Human Resource Management and Management degrees. The objective of this paper is to verify whether the aforementioned degrees do indeed instil dynamism within the minds of the assets of the future labour market so as to promote proactive and entrepreneurial behaviours. The findings seem to demonstrate that the reason for the weak existing entrepreneurial characteristics within the people, seem to be related to the course and the geographical as such.

Keywords: Education, Entrepreneurship, Training, Abilities, Innovation, Human Resources.

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