Organisational and Strategic Considerations in International Market Selection

International Journal of Applied International Business (ISSN: 1743-2111) Volume 1 Issue 2

Syed H Rahman
University of Western Sydney
School of Marketing and International Business


Selecting the right market(s) to enter is critical for business success and longevity. Various researchers have prescribed several decision models for international market selection. The proposed models generally confirm the importance of using market size and the level of economic development for identifying potential opportunities. However, most of the current international market selection models do not reflect the importance of firm’s organisational and strategic factors in the market selection decisions. This paper reports on the organisational and strategic factors and their measurement scales used by successful Australian international businesses in their international market selection process. In this research both qualitative and quantitative research techniques have been used. Qualitative research has been conducted to help develop the constructs, and quantitative methods to test the constructs. The research findings indicate that internationally successful Australian international businesses use two sets of organisational and strategic constructs in their international market selection decision-making process. They may be classified as firm’s international capabilities and firm’s business policy guidelines.

Key Words: International market selection, international market selection decision framework, organisational factors, structural equation modelling

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