Managing Regulatory Competition: The Implications of Mutual Recognition

International Journal of Applied International Business (ISSN: 1743-2111) Volume 1 Issue 3

Peter Carroll
University of Tasmania

"This research was supported under the Australian Research Council's Discovery funding scheme, Project number C0012668".


Increasing intra-national and international use of mutual recognition as a means of reducing barriers to inter-jurisdictional trade also has the impact of promoting regulatory competition between the parties to the mutual recognition agreement. The aim of this paper is thus to examine the impact of mutual recognition-inspired, regulatory competition on public sector policy development and implementation. It does so in a largely abstract fashion within the context of two scenarios that embody differing assumptions as to the outcomes of putting in place a mutual recognition agreement (mra). The focus of the paper is then on the implications of the two models for the national and trans-national management of the resulting regulatory competition.

Keywords : regulatory competition, mutual recognition, Australia

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