Regional Policy, Competitiveness And Inward Investment: R & D In The Welsh Auto Components Industry

International Journal of Applied International Business (ISSN: 1743-2111) Volume 1 Issue 3

Nick Clifton
Centre for Advanced Studies (CASS) Cardiff University

Zahed Khan

David Pickernell
Welsh Enteprise Institute University of Glamorgan

Paul Peachey
Welsh Enteprise Institute University of Glamorgan


Over the past three decades Wales has been quite successful in replacing employment lost in traditional heavy industries by developing manufacturing sectors such as automotive components. The attraction of inward investment has been a key factor in this. However, Wales is still relatively weak in areas important to long term competitiveness, notably Research and Development (R&D), an issue which we suggest has not as yet received adequate policy response from the Welsh Assembly Government. This paper therefore examines issues relating to new product development in the Welsh automotive component industry. The central questions addressed are; t o what extent is New Product Development (NPD) happening within these firms? What conclusions can be drawn regarding changing regional development policy response within Wales?

Keywords : R&D, Wales, Automotive Components, New Product Development

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