Evaluating Gambling Policy : A Case Study in Queensland, Australia

International Journal of Applied International Business (ISSN: 1743-2111) Volume 1 Issue 1

David Pickernell : Welsh Enterprise Institute, University of Glamorgan
Kerry Brown : Queensland University of Technology
Mary Crawford :
Queensland University of Technology


Gambling has become a large revenue source for many governments, due to its popularity with large sections of the public, ease of implementation, and the high real tax rate it can bear. It is also becoming an increasingly important international business. In terms of evaluation, however, it is much easier to quantify the benefits of gambling through tax revenues than the overall community harm costs. This imbalance is examined with reference to an evaluation of the evidence regarding gambling in Australia generally, and more specifically Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) Gambling Policy in Queensland.

Keywords : gambling, policy, effects, evaluation, Queensland, EGMs

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