International Journal of Applied International Business

Methodology Section Editor

Dr. Ramdane Djebarni

Editorial Advisory Board (Interim)

Dr. Adrian Kay ( University of Bristol - Management and Policy)

Professor David Brooksbank ( University of Glamorgan - Entrepreneurship)

Professor Steve Hill ( University of Glamorgan - Economic Development and Evaluation)

Dr. Max Munday ( Cardiff University - Economic Development and MNEs)

Dr. Annette Roberts ( Cardiff University - Economic Development and FDI)

Dr. Brychan Thomas ( University of Glamorgan- Entrepreneurship and ICT)

Diane O' Sullivan ( University of Glamorgan - Tourism, Leisure and Related Services)

Simon Thomas ( University of Glamorgan - Tourism, Leisure and Related Services)

The International Journal of Applied International Business is an on-line journal embracing original research into International Business. The journal particularly seeks to promote high quality applied studies, policy debate, and methodological developments across the range of areas relevant to the development and impacts of international business in the new millennium.

Current areas of particular interest are:

The current policy debate theme is “Evaluating Free trade”.

Scholarly academic papers are published in three issues per year. The three main sections of the journal are applied studies, themes and policy, and methodology.

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Aggressive Fringe Competition and International Trade
Donald Feaver

Regional Policy, Competitiveness And Inward Investment: R & D In The Welsh Auto Components Industry
Nick Clifton, Zahed Khan, David Pickernell and Paul Peachey

Managing Regulatory Competition: The Implications of Mutual Recognition
Peter Carroll

Issue: 2

Organisational and Strategic Considerations in International Market Selection
Syed H Rahman

Enhancing Competitiveness In Australian Sugar Supply Chain: Can Application of Transaction Cost Analysis Provide an Answer?
Shantanu Banerjee

Understanding the Strategic Stance of Innovation-Driven Industrial Policy: An Ex Post Facto Study
Dr. Andrew L S Goh, Ph.D.

Issue: 1

Evaluating Gambling Policy : A Case Study in Queensland, Australia
David Pickernell, Kerry Brown, Mary Crawford

The Flawed Logics of Current Trade Reform Efforts
Mark McGovern

China , Foreign Direct Investment and Economic and Technological Development Zones : Issues to Consider
Rob McEllister, Pamela Jackson, David Pickernell