Critiques on Learning in International Joint Ventures: The Neglected Role of Culture as an Important Determinant

International Journal of Applied International Management (ISSN: 1745-574X) Volume 1 Issue 1

Jacky F. L. Hong
Faculty of Business Administration
University of Macau


David J. Pollard
Dundee Business School
University of Abertay Dundee


Knowledge acquisition is regarded as an important motive for forming international joint ventures (IJVs). There are various propositions for improving management of the process of organisational learning between IJV partners; however, very few studies attempt to focus on the cultural dynamics and the impact on organisational learning. This paper develops a critical assessment of the neglected role of culture in the current perspective by discussing the biases in the teleological, ontological, epistemological and technological assumptions. It is argued that the dominant perspective concentrates only on the structural issues, neglecting the cultural forces underlying the partner interaction process. A culturally sensitive approach is perhaps more relevant in undertaking future research into learning in international joint ventures.

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