Content Management System as an Effective Knowledge Management Enabler

International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (ISSN: 1746-8167) Volume 1 Issue 2

Morvin Savio Martis


The value of knowledge as a strategic asset is not only recognized by the knowledge-intensive sectors (software), but by the more traditional sectors (manufacturing) of the economy as well. As the organization grows, the volume of content handled grows enormously and a stage is reached when it becomes impossible to handle all the content manually unless the industries exploit the power of information processing technology.

Many organizations including government agencies and educational institutions, have been adopting Content Management Systems (CMSs) to help them organize digital content and create content-based products for their customers and employees. CMS is a powerful software solution that benefits users by making it easier to manage learning content and digital assets in an enterprise learning environment. This paper traces the need and benefit of implementing CMS along with adequate details on the objectives, requirements and outputs generated by the system for the use of management.


Content Management System, Knowledge Management, Digital Asset Management, Metadata, Workflow, E-Learning, Expertise Profiling, and Content Conversion.

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