Road Map for Measuring Intellectual Capital

International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (ISSN: 1746-8167) Volume 1 Issue 3

James A. Albers and Bobi Dimitrijevic

School of Business
Pacific Lutheran University


In order for managers to continue to obtain support for knowledge management projects, they need to find quantifiable metrics to present to decision makers within the firm. The challenge facing scholars and organizations today is to measure intellectual capital (intangible assets) that will provide the ability to record and report the value attributed to knowledge.

This paper addresses the issue of establishing measures for intellectual capital, which will provide a more effective way of managing intellectual capital and leveraging knowledge within an organization. The measurement challenges of intellectual capital are discussed and a road map for managing these assets is proposed with the goal of providing a less complex way of evaluating intellectual capital. An example is also presented to illustrate how the model can be applied.

Key Words: Intellectual Capital, Intangible Assets, Knowledge Management, Competitive Advantage, Scorecard Methods, Road Map

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