Connecting eLearning and Knowledge Management: The Cases of the Air Force and the Defense Acquisition University

International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (ISSN: 1746-8167) Volume 1 Issue 3

Alexa Krezel

Edith Brumskill
Defense Information School

Zane L. Berge
University of Maryland System (UMBC campus)


eLearning and knowledge management (KM) have been on a converging path since the 90s. Still, we are trying to define how the two may fit together to create actual learned skills. The point at which we acquire skills or have acquired knowledge is not easily defined. Knowledge is a concept that is made up of several components that include learning, instructional process and managing the acquired knowledge to become either tacit or explicit knowledge.

The purpose of this paper is to define knowledge and specifically tacit and explicit knowledge and to examine it in the context of the relationship between e-learning and knowledge management. The paper will discuss how industries are using e-learning and knowledge management together and will address whether e-learning is part of the larger KM framework or if these are still two separate concepts.

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