International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management


Dr Andrew L S Goh
University of South Australia, Australia

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Abdus Sattar Chaudhry
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professor Kazem Chaharbaghi
University of East London, United Kingdom

Professor Suliman Hawamdeh
University of Oklahoma, United States

Professor Murray E. Jennex
San Diego State University, United States

Professor Peter A. Smith
The Leadership Alliance Inc, Canada

Professor Thomas Menkhoff
Singapore Management University, Singapore

Dr K H Chai
National University of Singapore, Singapore

The International Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (IJoAKM) publishes high quality research papers and practice-based articles in areas relating to the discipline of Knowledge Management (KM).Targeted at academia, industry and government, IJoAKM promotes multi-disciplinary discussion and research on processes, mechanisms and approaches involved in knowledge management practices.The journal seeks to focus on the contribution of holistic approaches, strategic thinking, new models and principles to knowledge management; deployment of technologies, tools and solutions to facilitate, implement and execute knowledge management practices; and the identification of new KM methodologies.

The coverage of content for IJoAKM includes, but not limited to the following topics: knowledge-based management systems; knowledge strategies and knowledge-centred principles; knowledge-sharing infrastructures; knowledge-based initiatives; knowledge management theories and models; diagnostic methodologies for knowledge management practices; benchmarking of knowledge management practices; customer relationship management; supply chain management and logistics management; competence-based knowledge management; emerging technologies for knowledge processes; knowledge networks, portals and virtual learning; knowledge exploitation and utilisation in specific industries; the nature of knowledge in social networks; communities of practice; and case studies on KM practices.

IJoAKM aims to further advance the development of theory and practice in the discipline of Knowledge Management; and is designed to provide refereed research materials that will be of interest to policy-makers, administrators, professionals, managers, academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Connecting eLearning and Knowledge Management: The Cases of the Air Force and the Defense Acquisition University
Alexa Krezel, Edith Brumskill and Zane L. Berge

Road Map for Measuring Intellectual Capital
James A. Albers and Bobi Dimitrijevic

Emerging Knowledge Management Systems for Global Managers
Stafford S. Cuffe, Ph.D.

Issue: 2

Knowledge Management Within a Learning Organization
Bruce W. Dobbins, Linda Smelser, Zane Berge

A Gestalt Evaluative Framework for Modelling Systemic Knowledge Management
Andrew L S Goh

Content Management System as an Effective Knowledge Management Enabler
Morvin Savio Martis

Issue: 1

Corporate Intranets and Knowledge Management: A Quest for Efficiency or Taylorism Revisited?
Dr. Kristen Bell DeTienne

Learning Different Types of Knowledge: An Integrated Framework of Constructivist-based Curricula Design
Muthu Kumar

Integrating Knowledge Sharing Implementation: Toward An Institutionalised Symbiotic Model
Dr Andrew L S Goh, Ph.D.