A Test Of Organization Learning Model : The Interrelatedness Between Learning Dimensions And Facilitators And Their Impact On Organization Effectiveness

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 2 Issue 1

Mahmoud A. El Gamal
Management & Marketing Department
College of Business Administration
Kuwait University


The purpose of this study is to test one of the comprehensive organization learning models reported in the literature. The model includes seven organization learning dimensions, ten learning facilitators and four organization performance indicators. The data was collected from 43 Kuwaiti and Egyptian small and medium sized organizations .The results showed marked differences between learner organizations and nonlearner organizations in terms of organizational performance and the learning facilitators. The study reports empirically driven organization learning patterns there were however no differences in learning facilitators and organization performance among these different patterns. The implications, limitations and the future research directions are discussed.

The popularity of Organization Learning (OL) has grown dramatically lately (Crossan & Guatto,1996) , yet little convergence or consensus on what is meant by the term, or its basic nature , has emerged (Huber,1991;Kim1993). Primarily, convergence has not occurred because different researchers have used the concept of organization learning , to focus on different domains. Huber (1991) takes an information processing perspective of organizational learning. Whereas Nonka and Takeuchi (1995)are concerned with product innovation, March and Olsen(1975) are interested in exploring how the cognitive limitations of managers affect learning. These works share some common grounds , but the domains differ significantly .They concern different phenomena such as information processing, product innovation, or bounded rationality. Although the phenomenological domains of various researchers do sometimes overlap, the differences in domains do much to explain the lack of convergence among organizational learning framework.

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