Decision Making Bodies of Small Sport Organizations: A Study on the Reasons for Voluntary Board Participation

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 2 Issue 2

Dimitra Papadimitriou (Ph.D)
Department of Business Management, University of Patras , Greece

Christiana Mavrommati
Graduate Student of the University of Sheffield

Stella Leivadi (Ph.D)
College of Sport Sciences, Athens , Greece


This study explored the profile and basic characteristics of individuals who are willing to volunteer for non-profit Greek small organization boards. More specific, the study examined how much and why current boards members are currently involved in the leadership of the sport clubs and addressed two research questions: (1) how important are the five composite needs proposed by Inglis (1994) to the board of directors of Greek sport organizations? And (2) to what extent needs are differentiated based on the level of volunteer involvement and basic demographic variables? The sample consists of 210 respondents who served on the board of directors of 43 Greek horse-riding clubs-members of the Greek Equestrian Federation.

These results indicated that the majority of the board members demonstrate medium to high involvement in board activities and that the most highly rated reasons for voluntary participation in the sport boards were related to contribution. Also a significant effect for the extent of board involvement was evident only for two (i.e., growth, contribution) of the five needs constructs composing the Inglis' instrument. The results are discussed in relation to the practical implications for the volunteer recruitment and management of small voluntary sport organizations.

Keywords:Motivation, volunteer boards, sport organizations, non-profit organizations

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