High Performance Teams: What Makes the Difference?

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 2 Issue 3

Bruce H. Jackson and Susan R. Madsen
Utah Valley State College


During the past number of decades, team structures have produced significant results for organizations. While there are any number of differences between teams (e.g., composition, motivation, and leadership), there appear to be differences between high performing teams and teams that are not. This content analysis seeks to answer the fundamental question, “What are the characteristics, features, or attributes of effectively functioning teams?” While no team is identical, the following issues represent many of the core components that seem to permeate the team literature reviewed: collaborative climate, structure and performance, diversity, attitude, commitment, and environmental strategies. This paper will also reflect on lessons from the Pygmy society, the uniqueness of process of creating high performing teams, steps to take in creating and sustaining high performance teams, and maladies and mistakes made when building these teams.

Key words : teams, high performance, team climate, team performance, team structure, diversity, team strategies, team commitment,

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