Managing the Diffusion of the Memoria Innovation into Small Memory Institutions

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 1 Issue 1

Dr Brychan Thomas and Professor David Brooksbank
Welsh Enterprise Institute, University of Glamorgan Business School


The paper considers the management of the diffusion of the Memoria innovation into museums and develops a model at the level of the small memory institution (SMI). Diffusion in the form of the Memoria technology, the transmission of knowledge and technical expertise is investigated. This involves technology transfer through formal and informal museum networks enabling learning by interacting and an absorptive capacity to assimilate the Memoria technology. A model of the diffusion of the Memoria innovation is developed including external sources, channels of technology transfer, and mechanisms involved in the transfer of the technology into the innovative SMI. The model is related to “best practice” in terms of the adoption of the Memoria innovation by SMIs.

Key words: Management, Diffusion, Innovation, Small Memory Institutions

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