The Effect of Change on the National Health Service General Managers’ Information Needs

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 1 Issue 1

Mike Stanley


The research enquiry using a sample of 20 NHS organisations with similar revenue and population characteristic profiles sets out to identify the information needs of the NHS General Managers and in doing so highlight the information that they needed to meet their organisations’ key success factors. The research identifies through the enquiry process the General Managers’ information needs and describes the categories of those needs, the pressures and influences of the General Managers’ working environment on those needs and the links to the influences that have been reflected in their information needs

The hypothesis (Null Hypothesis) of the research asserts that it is not possible to link a market-led healthcare environment, the General Managers’ information needs, their attitudes and behaviour towards information, and patient empowerment in such a way as to develop a model of information needs that is common across the Purchaser, Provider and the NHS Executive organisations. However, the research has developed as a first step, a series of outline models of information needs that will lead to a more complex and common model of information needs across the General Managers’ organisational groups that will allow, when assessed against key success factors, a judgmental view of the ability of both the General Managers and their organisations to deliver their aims and objectives.

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