'Internal Marketing' as an Organisation Design and Development Meta-Structure for Corporate Communication

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 1 Issue 2

Dr Richard J Varey

Director, BNFL Corporate Communication Research Unit
The Graduate School of Management , University of Salford


The marriage of the processes and content of marketing and organisation design and development to create user-friendly market-responsive working arrangements is discussed. A more sophisticated system is detailed as the subject of the internal marketing concept than has hitherto been available in the management literature. Since the function of enterprise is to bring innovations to market, there is an obvious link between marketing and enterprise development. The author argues that marketing is an essential component of organisation, and that organisation design and development are a source of competitive advantage, envisaging connected markets in which innovations can be value creators - the internal market and the external market. Capability enhancement can take place in organisational arrangements and also in the system of organising (i.e. management itself). If change is construed as learning and the organisation renews itself through conscious processes, then competitive advantage can be managed. This open-systems planning approach requires a parallel learning structure or collateral structure, based on market dynamics and marketing principles.

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