Networking: The Relationship Between Friendship Values-Sociability and Knowledge Acquisition Attributes

International Journal of Applied Management (ISSN: 1742-2590) Volume 1 Issue 3

Dr. John D. Politis, Ph.D.
Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Little is known about the effect of sociability and friendship values on the traits and skills of knowledge acquisition in self-managing teams. A survey of 89 individuals organised into 13 self-managing teams was conducted in a service organisation to investigate the relationship between the Hagoel’s friendship dimensions and a number of knowledge acquisition attributes. Results indicate that most, but not all, of Hagoel’s friendship values-sociability are positively related to variables of knowledge acquisition. Theoretical and practical applications of these findings are discussed.

Keywords: friendship values, knowledge acquisition, networking, self-managing teams, sociability

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