International Journal of Applied Financial and Managerial Control

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Journal of Applied Financial and Managerial Control (JAFMC) is to publish conceptual research and case based projects that can be of practical value to business managers, entrepreneurs, educators, students and advocates; interested in improving the performance of enterprises.

The Journal therefore invites contributions from developing researchers and teachers interested in any area related to financial and managerial control and provide an opportunity to pursue practical-oriented research.

Under these circumstances, it is envisaged there will be a continuing flow of quality literature serving the needs of research and education in enterprise performance.


The Journal will not be restrictive and welcomes the submission of papers which make a contribution to knowledge about the nature of financial and managerial control or insights into the application of this control.
Examples include:

  1. Financial control in Chinese owned SMEs in Shenzhen
  2. Winning Financial Strategies
  3. Financial and Managerial Control Systems in private Entrepreneurship
  4. Chinese Entrepreneurs: Financial and Managerial Adaptation in a Transitional economy
  5. Application of Management Information and Control Systems