The Portrayal Of Women In Television Advertising: An Empirical Investigation Of Consumer Attitudes In Jordan

International Journal of Applied Marketing (ISSN: 1742-2612) Volume 1 Issue 3

Sami Alsmadi
Marketing Department, Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan


This study investigates women's portrayal in television advertising from the perspective of the Jordanian consumer, focusing on the degree of attraction, perception of women's image, and the influence of this kind of advertising on consumer buying behaviour. It also provides guidance to advertising makers to improve advertising content. The study uses an empirical approach, based on a judgment sample of 480 customers. The data was analyzed by various statistical techniques, such as Frequency analysis, Descriptive analysis, One Sample t-Test, and One-Way ANOVA.

The main research findings show that most Jordanian consumers did not seem to deny the fact that the sexual portrayal of women could make this kind of advertising visually attractive, though not convincing in principle, possibly due to incompatibility with women's image in the Arab culture. A woman's physical beauty was likely to be an instrument for inducing demands for products. In the light of the overall findings, several appropriate recommendations were made.

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