How UK New Universities Are Meeting The Global Competitiveness Challenge : Case Studies Of Two New Universities

International Journal of Applied Marketing (ISSN: 1742-2612) Volume 1 Issue 2

Dr Jashim Uddin Ahmed


The article proceeded to investigation of marketing development of new universities in the UK. It is revealed that the wealth of literature that has been associated with research in this area, is in strategic marketing issues and that has increasingly become the focus of attention to the higher education sector in the last two decades (Dill, 1996; Kotler and Fox, 1995). However, very limited research has been carried out in strategic marketing issues in new universities. This article deals with the strategic marketing issue in higher education and also explains why they have been important in the strategic marketing of new universities. The author raises issues of understanding the principle and practice of strategic marketing in higher education. Some recent research has contributed to understanding the higher education issues in a broad marketing context. This article shows that most higher education institutions went through a period of growth - whether measured by increase of students, regional marketing, mass diversity or so on. Here, this issue is explored in a higher education institutional marketing context.

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