International Journal of Applied Marketing


This journal is sponsored by Waikato Management School, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

The purpose of the International Journal of Applied Marketing ( IJAM ) is to provide a high-quality medium through which developments in marketing theory/thought and empirical research can be effectively communicated to both those actively engaged in marketing research and those wishing to be informed about progress in the field.

IJAM seeks to contribute to the body of knowledge about marketing theory and practice by performing an integrative function, publishing theoretical and empirical articles from all countries with differing disciplinary approaches. This journal seeks to embrace the entire area of marketing: profit as well as non-profit marketing, consumer behaviour, product decisions, pricing marketing communication, marketing channels, strategic marketing planning, industrial marketing, international marketing etc. Methodological subject areas to be covered are, for example, the philosophical basis of marketing theory and practice, the confrontation of differing research traditions and theoretical reflection on the nature, scope and boundaries of marketing.

It is anticipated that overtime special editions might emerge considering such topics as comparative marketing, cross-cultural aspects of marketing, the relationship between government and marketing and sustainable marketing. The journal publishes original refereed material, it is devoted to the improvement and further development of the theory and practice of marketing and is designed to appeal to both practising managers and academics alike.

Feature Articles

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking in the UK
Anita Chakrabarty

Volume: 2

Issue: 2

Adding Unique Value: How Intermediary Process Development Promotes Market Clearing in an Online Auction
Dr. Jenny L. Gibb

Challenges For Service Script Implementation: Australian Service Workers Views
Syed H Rahman

Issue: 1

Market for Formal Childcare in the Cairns Region: Demand, Supply and Prescriptions for New Childcare Facility Locations
Adee Athiyaman

Optimising Web Site Design In Europe: Gender Implications From An Interactionist Perspective
G Moss, Dr. R Gunn, K Kubacki

Intangibles of Service Quality - The Neglected (Soft) Domain: Jordan Telecom as a Case Study
Yahya melhem and Abed Karasneh

Volume: 1

Issue: 3

Cost-Effective Service Recovery: Knowing Which Customers to Keep
Kristen Bell DeTienne, Kristie K. Seawright, Aaron R. Brough

The Portrayal Of Women In Television Advertising: An Empirical Investigation Of Consumer Attitudes In Jordan
Sami Alsmadi

Identification in a Co-operative Community: Internal Marketing to Build Corporate Image and Reputation
Dr Richard J Varey

Issue: 2

The Orthodoxy and Hegemony of ‘Marketing Communications': From Interactive Communication to Communicative Interaction
Dr Richard J Varey

How UK New Universities Are Meeting The Global Competitiveness Challenge : Case Studies Of Two New Universities
Dr Jashim Uddin Ahmed

Issue: 1

Barriers to Online Retail Activities in Emerging Economies: The case of Turkey
Mustafa Zihni TUNCA, İsa İpçioğlu and Prof. Mohamed Zairi

Integrating Online and Traditional Advertising: A South African Case Study
Janette Hanekom and Charmaine du Plessis

The Influence of Marketing Communications on the Waste Reduction and Recycling Attitudes and Behaviour of Rushcliffe Residents
Nicky Mee & Debbie Clewes

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking in the UK
Anita Chakrabarty