The Business Case for Improving Customer Service at Leeds City Council, United Kingdom

International Journal of Applied Management of Change (ISSN: 1744-8190) Volume 1 Issue 1

Ahmed A. M., Assistant professor of Management (UAE University)

Hussein El-Omari, Associate Professor of Marketing (UAE University)

Quesne A. D.(University of Bradford, School of Management)


A number of internal and external pressures in UK local government have led to the examination of different options for internal organization and management. A particular pressure has recently been the reorganization of local government towards the creation of new unitary local councils. The review of non-metropolitan local government from 1992 to 1996; and the creation of unitary authorities in a number of areas from 1995 to 1998; forced local authorities to examine their own organization. In the face of challenges in bringing about fundamental change in a large and complex organization such as Leeds City Council, this paper proposes a set of tools provide a valuable starting point for managers in meeting the requirements of a business case approach to justifying customer service developments.

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