The Relationship Between Consumers' Attitudes and Predicting their Behaviors: The Case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

International Journal of Applied Management of Change (ISSN: 1744-8190) Volume 1 Issue 2

Hussein Abdulla El-Omari, Ph.D
(Associate Professor of Marketing)
College of Industrial Management
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals


This study looks into the relationship between consumers’ attitudes (general and specific) and their buying behaviors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In particular, this study examines many elements like environmental issues, group membership and how much influence they may have on consumers' attitudes and, in turn, what influence attitudes may have on their buying behaviors. Based on a quantitative approach, this article investigates the association between consumers' attitudes and behaviors using the common method of measuring attitudes. The findings showed a strong association between consumers' attitudes and their buying behaviors in the United Arab Emirates. This explains the reasons for the strong emphasis on measuring attitudes as they have a lot to do with buying decisions.

Keywords: Marketing Environment, Attitudes, Beliefs, Buying Behavior, Marketing and Non-Marketing Stimuli, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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