International Journal of Applied Management of Change

There is a general consensus among managers and researchers about the importance of change for the success of organisations, especially in today’s increasing global economy, which is driven by information technology. In such an environment resisting change is dangerous; organisations cannot be protected from change regardless of their size, resources, or the excellence of their current offerings. Thus, change or disappear. It can be argued that change is one of the most important issues for the modern organisation, and that even the most successful organisations cannot ignore it.

Change can take place at different levels, i.e. individual, group and organisational level. At the individual level, for example, and due to the current competitive pressures on organisations, employees are under pressure to develop new skills and to perform a variety of tasks. In other words, the traditional list of job description seems to be losing out in this era of globalisation. It is no longer accepted behaviour to reject doing a certain task because it is not in the job description list. Although it continues to exist in most recent organisations, the current list of job description is not static, as before; rather, it is flexible, and subject to amendments at any time. The employee must cope with this change (which is a prevalent phenomenon in the workplace) if he/she wants to keep his/her organisational membership.

In order to share experiences, best practices, knowledge and information about change management we are happy to introduce the first issue of the International Journal of Applied Management of Change

This refreed journal journal welcomes practitioners, researchers and postgraduate students to its first issue and invites them to contribute to the forthcoming issues in all areas of change management.

Volume: 1

Issue: 2

Duality and Organizing Forms in Change Management
Fiona Graetz and Aaron Smith

The Relationship Between Consumers' Attitudes and Predicting their Behaviors: The Case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Hussein Abdulla El-Omari

Issue: 1

The Future of Work
Aparna Sharma

Challenges to Bureaucratic Organizations In the Modern Business World
Thomas E. Sprimont

The Business Case for Improving Customer Service at Leeds City Council, United Kingdom
Ahmed A. M., Hussein El-Omari, Quesne A. D.