Antecedents and Consequence of Strategic Manufacturing Effectiveness: A Conceptual Framework

International Journal of Applied Operations Management (ISSN: 1744-8182) Volume 1 Issue 2

Dr. Ahmed N. Al-Rasby
Sultan Qaboos University, College of Commerce & Economics, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


This paper has identified and operationalised the main factors that affect strategic manufacturing effectiveness. The process of identifying the indicators for each factor is restricted to only those that are theoretically supported. Having a small pool of items to measure each factor is helpful in the interpretation of the results. First, the indicators for the five factors affecting strategic manufacturing effectiveness were generated, based on the work of Wheelwright and Hayes (1985) and other researchers. Then the indicators for strategic manufacturing effectiveness construct were identified based on the list of manufacturing improvement programmes which was compiled by researchers involved in the Manufacturing Futures Survey Project. With respect to manufacturing competence, it is measured through the importance and strength in manufacturing competitive priorities. Finally, interrelationships amongst the factors were discussed and future research directions were identified.

Keywords: Competitive Capabilities, Manufacturing Competence, Manufacturing Improvement Programmes, Manufacturing Strategy, Proactiveness, Strategic Manufacturing Effectiveness,

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