International Journal of Applied Operations Management

The International Journal of Applied Operations Management is an on-line journal which seeks to provide a forum for both experienced and new researchers to present original work. The content of the journal will concentrate on applied research and research methodologies, although papers containing substantial theoretical content will also be considered. A key benefit of the journal is the rapidity of review and acceptance processes, offering speedy publication of original work.

The contents of the journal will cover a wide area of operations management in both manufacturing and service industries. Topics of particular interest include

This list is by no means exhaustive and researchers are encouraged to submit work in any area of operations management interest

Volume: 1

Issue: 2

Antecedents and Consequence of Strategic Manufacturing Effectiveness: A Conceptual Framework
Dr. Ahmed N. Al-Rasby

Factors Affecting the Strategic Role of Manufacturing: A Conceptual Framework Based on Hayes and Wheelwright Four Stage Model
Dr. Ahmed N. Al-Rasby

Issue: 1

Synergy, Tradeoff and the Dimensions of Supply Chain Responsiveness
Eisenhower C. Etienne, PhD.

Dimensions of Global Operations Strategy In Service Business: A Value-Chain-Based Analysis
Eisenhower C. Etienne, PhD.

A Diagnostic Methodology for Evaluating Customer Relationship Management Solutions
Andrew L S Goh