Government-Wide Management Reforms - Vision, Obstacles, Remedies

International Journal of Applied Public Sector Management (ISSN: 1742-2655) Volume 1 Issue 3

Dr Morris Robert Bosin
Senior Project Manager
Planmatics, Inc.


President Bush’s management agenda, initiated in FY 2002, is the latest in a long series of management reforms that have been introduced in the Federal sector with the intent of improving government efficiency and effectiveness. All of the reforms bear a strong similarity in that they are soundly conceived, enthusiastically launched by the incoming Administration, implemented on a broad scale, and then fade with time as the perceived return on investment declines. As the Bush Administration enters its second term, the timing is appropriate to raise the question: What can public sector managers do to enhance their return on investment in these reforms? This article reviews key conditions that should be met to aid in successful reform implementation; challenges to meeting these conditions; and suggestions for addressing the challenges.

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