Institutionalising Local Economic Development: A Trends Based Analysis of New Approaches in South Africa

International Journal of Applied Public Sector Management (ISSN: 1742-2655) Volume 1 Issue 3

Mr Johan C Ackron (Academic Extraordinary)
Prof Erwin Schwella (Professor of Public Leadership)

School of Public Management and Planning
University of Stellenbosch


The article examines the implications of South Africa’s developmental local government approach in the context inter alia of the new public management paradigm. The implications of key paradigm shifts are discussed. The focus is particularly upon the promotion and support of local business development as the foundation of sustainable local economic development. The article specifically addresses the institutionalisation of community economic governance as a vehicle for the pursuit by communities per se of community economic imperatives and the spanning of the divide that is the economic legacy of Apartheid in most local government jurisdictions in South Africa.

Key Words: local economic development, new public management, local business development, local government, co-operative management, community economic governance, community governance.

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